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Association Adviser's annual Association Communications Benchmarking Study is the definitive research study about the state of the association communications landscape.

This one-of-a-kind report provides an in-depth look at what communication challenges associations currently face as well as improvements and progress made compared to previous years.

Below are resources such as webinars, case studies, infographics and videos that illustrate the research and the associations putting the report's recommendations into practice. Explore a topic by clicking on the headline or image.

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The 2020 Association Communications Benchmarking Report is Out Now

In an effort to help associations understand how others in their community are navigating communications in the COVID-19 climate, we added questions specific to the pandemic this year. With the results now in, it's clear no event in the nine-year history of the survey has had a greater impact on the association world than the COVID-19 pandemic – and the economic fallout that it triggered.
How can your association continue to create relevant content while understanding your reader, member and advertiser needs?
Learn about the state of association communications from the 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking study as well as important recommendations to help you improve your communications program.
Want to know a secret? How about 10? Follow these 10 easy tips for creating high-quality communications that will guarantee your message makes an impact.
Engage more prospects, sell more sponsorships and maximize profits at your next event! In this eBook, uncover 9 important steps to giving your sponsorship strategy a successful revamp. 
Sometimes, figuring out if your association messages are getting through to your members feels like playing “Duck, Duck, Goose.” You hold your breath in anticipation, hoping they’ll choose your message as the one of the lucky ones they’ll read that day.

But, what if they choose to open your email or read that article; is it going to engage them and encourage interaction? Is it relevant? And, are you prepared to follow up with action items – before they navigate the circle and sit down somewhere else?
Use this infographic as a diagnostic tool for the health of your association's email program.
Download the 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Report to learn how trade associations and professional societies rank the value of traditional and new communications channels.
Less than 40% of AGC of America members were likely to recommend Constructor magazine to peers. Then Naylor stepped in.
Members look to your association as the voice of the industry. Here's how to promote your member communications as a trusted, relevant source of info.
Three steps your association can take today to begin creating a strong content strategy that will help you maximize your non-dues revenue potential.
An association-specific survey will help you directly measure the health of your membership and future needs your association can address.
"We’ve seen dramatic increases in the number of business partners we work with and in the number of exhibitors at our conferences since working with Naylor," says Caleb Welty.
Podcast: How Programmatic Advertising Benefits Associations. Listen here.
Click on the image above to take our benchmarking survey. Get a personalized communication report card when you complete at least 50% of the survey!
This 60-minute webinar highlights findings from the 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Report, along with important recommendations and tips based on the top challenges and trends identified. Hear from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) - the highest scorer across all categories in their 2019 Association Communications Best Practices Report Card - about what strategies and approaches they use to ensure a successful communications program.
Content planning isn’t easy, so we talked with two editors, Monica Dutcher and Ashley Williams, about how they tackle content planning.
Can print and digital publications co-exist in harmony? We think so! Check out our infographic about the ways print and digital publications compliment each other while holding their own.
Meena Dayak explains how the American Public Power Association integrates media & communications to support public power & reinforce membership value.
At Naylor Association Solutions our simple, 3-step methodology focuses on providing your members and vendors with the type of content they expect, integrating that content across channels and measuring the results so you can
do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
A turn-by-turn guide to creating truly engaging content and delivering it with impact across today's ever-changing, always-on media landscape.
MHEDA knew it had to be involved with video but with so many options, didn’t know where to start. That’s when they turned to Naylor.
A marketing automation platform allows your association to market to members on multiple channels, including email, social media and websites, and to automate repetitive member communication tasks.
It’s critical your association has a good system for tracking your members, managing your events, and other day-to-day membership related activities.
There are two universal truths about non-dues revenue: associations love it, and they can always use more. However, there are a few more truths about non-dues revenue that associations should know to maximize their earning potential. Download Naylor's checklist to earning more NDR here.
Leveraging the power of your publication can help you achieve your association goals, but it is vital it's in top-notch shape first. Learn how to ask the right questions, take an assessment of your current publication, implement the necessary steps for a successful redesign launch, and evaluate and measure post-launch.
AI-powered eNewsletters increase member engagement with your association's content, while reducing staff effort, and driving more non-dues revenue. Learn more.

Webinar: Communications

in the COVID Era
  • Discover creative, innovative recommendations to help your association get through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Hear the surprising year-over-year improvements and progress seen across various aspects of association communications.
  • Learn how to continue to pivot and manage your association communication strategy for the second half of 2020 and beyond.
Why customize member communication for certain groups over others? 56% of respondents to our 2018 study reported customizing new member communication. Information such as board of director profiles or how to log into the online member portal might be old news to veteran members, but interesting (and necessary) info to newbies. It’s also important to feed information about the norms of your association to new members, so they don’t feel awkward.
Like many associations, TSAE relies heavily on its print publication to engage members and earn non-dues revenue. Read how Naylor helped the association redesign their magazine, freshen its content, and build a complementary microsite, resulting in a 12% increase in ad sales AND event attendance.
At 316 million monthly active users, Twitter is a social media tool whose popularity among association professionals is second only to Facebook.
This 60-minute webinar will cover the Twitter mechanics every social media-savvy association communicator should know.
Prior to working with Naylor, the American Bankers Association subsidized the cost of their magazine at a loss. They sought an alternative that gave them content control & reduced financial risk. Read how they did it.
Grab a cup of coffee and pull up this podcast on your favorite listening device! Kaydee and Kelly review how associations can breathe new life into their social media efforts.
Your annual association event is a treasure trove of event-related content. Maximize this content to promote your event & your association in these 3 ways.
Are you or your association new to eLearning and not quite sure where to start? Join Kara Adams on her personal eLearning journey, starting with that one time she googled “What’s a webcast?” to launching a Learning Management System (LMS) in eight months with 7 online courses and 40 webcasts. See where Kara landed after 12 months, how her organization’s LMS grew revenue by over 130% and what to expect when launching your own LMS.
Naylor, in partnership with Blue Sky eLearn, is changing the future of online learning by offering better ways of capturing, managing and monetizing educational content.
Though most associations certainly understand the value of a dollar, it's worth a reminder that engaging your advertisers pays off in more than just cash.

By focusing on editorial considerations, design decisions and advertising sales techniques, The 5 Laws of Attraction eBook will shed light on some simple ways that you can effectively increase the appeal of your current publication for advertisers, leaving you with a stronger advertiser base, a more robust publication and one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule.
Generating non-dues revenue  while keeping control of your communications pieces has never been easier. Partnering with Naylor's trained sales force  provides you the opportunity to focus on content, layout and other important issues.
As we enter into a new decade, it’s clear that we have found our footing in the digital age. Yet printed communications continue to cling to relevancy in an increasingly digitally minded world.